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"I need financial information about a specific company. Where should I start?"

  • Capital IQ provides comprehensive information on more than 42,000 public companies, 518,000 private companies, 9,500 private capital firms, 230,000 transactions, and 881,000 professionals worldwide. Capital IQ provides easy-to-use financial analysis tools for financial statement analysis, comparables analysis, financial modeling, sector analysis, and charting, plus high-level overviews of industries, financial markets, and regional economies. Capital IQ is only available to current members of the Johnson School community during the academic year, on campus or remotely, and requires registration for a personal account.
  • Mergent Online provides access to financial data for companies worldwide, but the financials in spreadsheet format are more detailed (less consolidated). Mergent Online will also create multi-company financial comparison reports and contains information on corporate fixed income and equity issues, joint ventures, property, and subsidiaries, as well as a detailed history of capital changes (stock splits, acquisitions, divestitures, etc.)
  • If the company is private, little or no specific financial information beyond sales figures may be available about the company. Try to find articles via Factiva or LexisNexis. Both contain thousands of full-text newspapers and business periodicals; you may be able to locate articles which quote company officials discussing the firm's finances.