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"What are good sources of information on emerging markets?"


Bloomberg has an emerging markets display (EMKT) where you can obtain a variety of emerging markets information, including news, country statistics, economic statistics, country risk ratings, and more.


Use the Library Catalog to search for items pertaining to emerging markets. Here are a few suggestions:

The IMF Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) examines the global financial system and identifies potential weaknesses with the presumption that this information will help to prevent these weaknesses from disrupting the financial market stability of the IMF member countries. The GFSR replaced the quarterly Emerging Market Financing as well as the annual International Capital Market Report; it contains information on both mature and emerging markets.

The International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group, is an investor and advisor to emerging capital markets with the aim of creating socially responsible and sustainable growth.


The World Bank's World Development Indicators  and the Microfinance Gateway are two other sources that are useful in getting a picture of foreign markets.