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"How do I know when to use one database versus another?"


Each of many databases promoted on our site have areas where they are particularly strong.
  • Each database has areas where they are particularly strong. We have tagged these with subject terms that refer to their areas of strength. See also the individual database description pages for more information.
  • We provide our Top Business Databases arranged by topic, so that you can pick the appropriate database based on the type of research you need to do (market research, finance, job search, etc.)
  • Researching a particular topic? If so, check out our Career and Industry Guides. Each guide is put together by Management Library librarians and will direct you to the best resources for your job search, writing a business plan, researching a market, and more.
  • Ask our research team for additional assistance. Visit us at the reference desk, send us e-mail, phone (255-3389), or schedule a consultation.