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"What databases are best for statistical research?"


This depends on the type of statistics you are trying to retrieve.

  • Equity and Equity Index data is available in Datastream (available on-campus only) and Yahoo! Finance. Datastream also contains historical, downloadable data on commodities, currencies, country funds, macroeconomic data, and more for countries worldwide.

  • Historical corporate financial statement data is available in many databases. Mergent Online provides financial statements for U.S. and international businesses, and is available remotely. Datastream and Compustat (available via WRDS) contain company accounts data for companies worldwide, but must be used in the library.

  • Demographic or business census data is largely available at the U.S. Census web site.

  • Economic statistics can be downloaded from CEIC, Datastream, International Financial Statistics Online and a number of other databases. Ask a Librarian for the one that will work best with your needs.

  • Market research data can be gathered in spreadsheet format from SimplyMap (3 simultaneous user limit).