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When To Use: 

Use when doing research on countries other than the U.S. or when comparing multiple countries.

  • City Data - Use City Data when you need a complete picture of global price levels. The vast majority of prices are gathered by EIU correspondents located in the cities themselves. Prices are collected from two types of stores: supermarkets and medium-priced retailers.
  • Country Data - Use Country Data when you need annual, quarterly, or monthly time series data. Countries can be screened by selected economic variables and grouped based on economic and demographic criteria.
  • Country Reports - Use Country Reports when you need background information or a current profile for a country, useful in an international business or marketing report. EIU Country Reports map out the infrastructure and the major industrial sectors of a country's economy as well as providing the political backdrop.
  • Market Indicators and Forecasts - Use Market Indicators & Forecasts when you need economic and industry forecasts for the next five years and longer-term economic projections. Data is available in three different categories: acutal, estimates, and forecasts.
Description: provides a suite of products from the Economist Intelligence Unit covering international markets.

  • City Data - pricing information on over 160 products and services in 123 cities worldwide. Items range from the cost of a loaf of bread to the average electricity bill of a local family, from the cost of office rents to median salary levels. 
  • Country Data - source of economic indicators for more than 150 countries, with data going back to 1980. 
  • Country Reports - in-depth analysis of current political, policy and economic trends for more than 200 countries.
  • Market Indicators and Forecasts - economic, demographic, consumption and industry data on 60 major countries worldwide and 11 regional aggregates.