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Off-Campus Access

Members of the Cornell community have off-campus access to the library's many restricted resources. An active NetID and password is required.

Connecting from Off-Campus

When attempting to connect to a library database from off-campus, you will be prompted for your NetID and password.

For a list of key business databases visit our Top Business Databases page. For databases that are available remotely, a connection link will be provided. Additional databases can be found from the Cornell University Library website. More detailed instructions for connecting from off-campus are available from the help page.


The off-campus Passkey bookmarklet helps you connect to databases and journals without going through the library website. If you find yourself on a page that has access restrictions, click on the bookmarklet icon and you will be redirected to the Cornell log-in screen. After you log in, you will be automatically led to the page you were trying to read, this time recognized for your right to gain access to the library's licensed resources. This is particularly helpful when you find articles on web you want to read.

Installing Passkey:

  • In Firefox, drag the icon to your bookmarks toolbar
  • In Chrome, drag the icon to the bookmark toolbar (The bookmarks toolbar needs to be visible, you can try ctrl-shift-b to enable it)
  • In Internet Explorer, right-click the icon, add to favorites
  • For the iPad: In Settings/Safari, select Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Bookmark any page and add it to the Bookmarks Bar. Now edit the bookmark. Name it whatever you want, and then paste in the following (including the semicolon at the end): javascript:void(location.href=""+location.href);
  • OR, add the direct link: javascript:void(location.href=%22; to your bookmarks or favorites on your favorite browser.

Troubleshooting Problems with Off-Campus Access to Top Business Databases:

Sometimes a database will give you an error or will not allow access. Here are a few things to look for:

  1. Try accessing another database. Can you get into one database, but not another?
  2. Clear your browser’s cache and/or restart your browser.
  3. Try using a different browser (some databases work better in a specific browser.)
  4. If your computer is behind a firewall, you may have trouble accessing library databases. One option for accessing from off-campus is to use a secure virtual private network (VPN) provided by CIT. Most firewalls will allow VPN traffic.


If you continue to have trouble accessing an online resource, fill out a Technical Problem Report Form. This form lets you describe the problems you've encountered, and is then sent to Management Library's reference staff. We will help you trouble-shoot your particular situation.