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"Where can I find information on the food & beverage industry?"


Cornell's Hotel Library has put together a series of guides for resources in the food service and alchololic beverage (beer, wine, and spirits) industries.

"What is market share and how do I find it for my industry?"


Oxford's A Dictionary of Business defines this concept as the, "...share of the total sales of all brands or products competing in the same market that is captured by one particular brand or product, usually expressed as a percentage."


The Market Share Reporter and the World Market Share Reporter provide this type of data for many industries. These publications can also be found online via Business & Company Resource Center. Passport GMID provides international market research and industry data, including reports and market share on specific products and industries.


An in-depth analysis of the environment in which your business operates is an essential part of marketing research. Be sure to consult our Industry FAQs.

"Where can I find information about the real estate industry?"


Cornell's Hotel Library has put together a research guide for resources in the real estate industry. In addition, Cornell has a real estate program that focuses on all aspects of the industry.

"How do I find out which companies are ranked at the top of their industry?"


More than 5,000 company rankings can be found in Business Rankings Annual. This resource is also available through Business & Company Resource Center.

"Where can I obtain analyst reports for a specific industry?"


Thomson One Banker provides full-text analyst reports for industries. The list of reports can be limited by specific analyst, if desired.

"What are industry codes and where do I find them?"


Industry codes have been developed to provide a way to classify industries into categories. There are two main types of industry codes: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (A third classification, GICS, is used primarily by financial analysts.). The U.S. Department of Labor has a website that allows you to search for SIC codes by keyword. The Census Bureau has a website that allows you to search for NAICS codes by keyword.

"Where can I find information about international industries?"


  • Mergent Online provides industry reports for two international regions, Europe and Asia Pacific, in several industries.
  • Passport GMID covers more than 180 countries. It contains reports and statistics which include current and forecasted data on market size and market share and profile the leading competitors in an industry.
  • The International Trade Administration provides industry sector analysis. These reports are a detailed analysis of those industries in which U.S. business have strong interests. They discuss current trends in industries, provide appropriate market/demographic data, outline potential opportunities, discuss local regulations affecting industries, and give key contacts.

"How can I compare the performance of companies within an industry?"


Financial databases such as CapitalIQ, Mergent Online, and Thomson One Banker allow you to create a list of companies within an industry and then build a comparison report based on selected criteria, including financials, corporate information, and ratios. Bloomberg's Relative Value (RV) shortcut performs the same function, but with more variables to choose from.

"How can I create a list of companies in a specific industry?"


Many resources can create lists of companies based on criteria that you establish. For a full list see the related directories tag. Some of the most popular resources are listed below.

  • The Build A List function available within Hoover's Online will create lists of companies within industries, locations, and other criteria.
  • CareerSearch and Capital IQ allow you to create a list of companies by industry, location, number of employees, et cetera. Results can be downloaded into Excel.

"How do I find trade associations for a specific industry?"


  • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys, available electronically through NetAdvantage, contain a section titled Industry References. The Industry References section lists relevant trade associations for that industry.
  • Associations Unlimited provides an easily searchable interface to more than 460,000 international, national, regional, state, and local organizations, including non-profits.