When To Use: 

Use Mergent Online when you need comprehensive company research, including financial statement data (current and historical), annual reports, company histories, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and more.


Mergent Online is a corporate financial database that provides information on U.S. and international companies.   Other Mergent products available to Cornell include: Mergent Archives contains corporate and industry related documents (coverage goes back to 1909) such as annual reports and the Moody's manuals. Mergent BondViewer contains US taxable and municipal fixed income and evaluation data including both issuer and bond level terms and condition data, US taxable bonds, municipal bonds and retail notes. Mergent Events Data contains updated information on stock-splits, mergers, tender offers, partial/full calls, and name changes. This site provides the ability to research corporate actions, dividends, fixed income, and unit investment trust data. Mergent Intellect contains profiles on both public and private companies.