Stock Screener:

  • Use Bloomberg, Mergent OnlineCapital IQ, or free stock screening tools such as Finviz to identify companies which meet your financial, industry, security type, and other criteria.
  • In Bloomberg, use EQS<GO> to screen for stocks.
  • In Capital IQ go to Screening > Companies and then filter by security type, exchange, industry, et cetera.

Analyst Opinions:

  • Analyst estimates (often concensus) can be found in databases like Bloomberg and Capital IQ. To find analyst reports with more details regarding their analysis and opinions on a stock, use Thomson One and go to Company Views > Research > Company Research and selecting the Advanced Research option.

Recent News:

  • Factiva is a great source for recent news and its Search Builder tool allows you to limit your search to specific companies and topics.
  • The investor relations website of your target company provides management guidance, information on company strengths and challenges, and clues to their strategy via discussions in filings, earnings calls, and presentations.