Since hedge funds often do not actively seek publicity, searching for information on hedge funds can be quite difficult. There are, however, a few sources of information you can consult. BD Advanced is a proprietary database of over 40,000 fund managers, analysts and senior managers, 11,000 sell side staff (brokers) and 6,000 media contacts. Access to BD Advanced is restricted to current SC Johnson College of Business students.   In addition, Capital IQ and Bloomberg can be used to identify and learn more about hedge funds. The library has journals, books, and industry reports related to hedge funds including: Hedge Me: An Insider's Guide to US Hedge Fund Job Opportunities, Getting a Job in Hedge Funds, and a lot more on the overall hedge fund space. Hedge Fund Research is a website which requires registration but provides detailed index data on over 1,900 funds as well as a quarterly report on the entire hedge fund industry.