The reciprocal agreements with the libraries listed below are limited to facilitate access and physical book borrowing:

  • Visitors will likely not have access to many of the hosting library’s resources (computers, internet access, electronic database access, Bloomberg terminals) and services (tech support, research support, printing, etc).
  • Cornell MBAs and Tech MBAs should route all service and material requests through Cornell’s Management Library, not through partner libraries.
  • Cornellians visiting other libraries are expected to model the excellent behavior and manners we expect of all Cornell MBAs and treat hosting organizations with the utmost respect.

Cornell MBAs based in Ithaca can access the following NYC library facilities for study with a valid Cornell student ID:

PLEASE NOTE Cornell students based in NYC, such as Cornell Tech students, might find that they are unable to take advantage of SHARES program in NYC. This program is intended for students visiting other cities.

Internet access: NYU, Columbia, and Cornell Weill support internet access for visitors via Eduroam, which should be set up on your personal device before visiting a partner library.