Account required

On campus only

Access is only available via dedicated terminals in Management, Hotel, and Mann libraries and the Parker Center.
Students must create their own account. From the login screen, select the option to create a new user account. Follow the prompts and have your cell phone handy to receive an activation code.

Bloomberg is one of the world's premier financial databases and provides data on equities, indices, commodities, currencies, and more. Information on M&A deals, IPOs, and league tables are available in pre-build and customized screens. Excel API and Launchpad allow you to analyze data and customize views. BU<GO> takes you an online training center with videos and BLP has documents covering top functions.

When To Use: 

Use to find nearly any type of financial data, including quotes and technical analysis of U.S. and international securities. Bloomberg provides access to leagues tables for underwriters of equities, fixed income, and mergers & acquisitions. Three terminals are available in the Management Library. Students will need to create their own Bloomberg account on the system.