Current fixed income information includeing credit ratings can be found in many of our financial databases by searching for a company and then looking for the ratings or at individual bonds for the rating. For example:

  • Bloomberg enter [company ticker]<EQUITY>CRPR<GO> to find ratings from the major rating companies or go enter [company ticker]<CORP><GO> and select a specific bond to view the rating.
  • In Mergent Online bring up the company and go to the Long Term Debt section. Select a bond to get the ratings, convenants, and other information related to the issue.
  • In SNL bring up the company and go to Capital Structure > Debt Maturity Profile to view long term debt amount and ratings.
  • In ThomsonOne bring up the company and go to the Debt Overview section to get ratings for each instrument by the major rating companies.

Credit rating reports are not typically available via library resources.