Richard K. Miller (RKMA) market research handbooks are useful starting points for understanding the current landscape of B2B, consumer, entertainment, hospitality, internet, and sports marketing. To dig deeper:  

  • Mintel Academic contains market research reports on a variety of consumer markets as well as on certain demographic groups. It provides reports for the UK, US, and a selection of other countries. For other countries not covered by Mintel, Passport (Euromonitor) provides coverage of many markets globally.
  • SimplyAnalytics provides demographic analysis of the purchasers of many goods and services space in the United States.
  • Sports Market Analytics contains data on sport participants, spectators, and consumers of sporting goods and apparel.
  • Frost & Sullivan provides market analysis for cutting edge technologies in the chemical, healthcare, transportation, materials, and IT sectors.

There are many other sources of market research so please contact us for more suggestions. Also see our longer list of market research resources and guide.